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Draw Climber


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Game Description

Draw Climber

Draw Climber is a unique and engaging physics-based puzzle game. In this game, players must draw legs for a block to enable it to move and overcome various obstacles. The challenge lies in adapting the shape of the legs to different terrains and obstacles throughout the levels. The game combines elements of creativity, strategy, and timing, making it an enjoyable experience for players who enjoy problem-solving and drawing.

How to Play

The main objective in Draw Climber is to reach the end of each level by creating legs for your block. The shape of the legs determines how the block moves and interacts with the environment. Players must modify the legs as the block encounters different obstacles, ensuring that the block can navigate through the course effectively.

Game Controls

  • Mouse Click and Drag (or Touch and Drag on mobile): Draw the shape of the legs in the drawing area.
  • Erase/Redraw Button: Modify the leg shape to adapt to new obstacles.

Tips and Tricks

Draw Climber
  1. Adapt the Leg Shape: Different shapes work better for different obstacles. Experiment to find the best shape for each section of the course.
  2. Speed vs. Stability: Longer legs make the block move faster, but shorter ones offer more stability. Balance these factors based on the level’s requirements.
  3. React Quickly: Be ready to change the leg shape as soon as you spot a new obstacle.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect: The more you play, the better you’ll understand which shapes work best in different scenarios.

Game Developer

Draw Climber was developed by Voodoo, a well-known developer in the mobile gaming industry famous for their casual and highly addictive games.

Game Platforms

Draw Climber is available on mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. The unblocked version refers to playing the game on web platforms, making it accessible through internet browsers, especially in environments where mobile game access might be restricted.